category: advertising

PROBLEM: City of Saints is a chain of coffee shops in New York City. To relaunch their brand, they tapped Wunderman NYC to create an inclusive campagin. Deliverables included: tagline, manifesto, website re-design, social media campaign, print, package design; and launch and activation tactics.

SOLUTION: Taste creates communities, a sense of belonging and mutual understanding. That is why we decided to re-launch this brand with a strong democratic identity. We gave our Citizens of Taste a say in everything City of Saints does as a brand. They can vote on the playlist in their stores to the blends in their shop and artists in their roastery, even on the location of City of Saints’ next coffee shop.

Mentor: Billy Bernhardt
Jr. Copywriter: Moreno Belic
Art Direction: Kelsey Grupp & Eduardo Mendez
UX: Jiwon Yoon