category: advertising

PROBLEM: Two weeks and 25,000 euros to create a campaign that will result in an event with 250 influentials, PR value and a boost in sales of Martell’s Premium Cognac.

SOLUTION: We organized a Secret Society Night at the Regent Esplanade, under venetian masks, with a jazz band, a chef that cooked specialties in cognac, a dancer and a ritual that preceded the opening of the $10,000 bottle of Martell’s finest. The campaign thrived on exclusivity. Invitations were printed on blue velvet paper and sent to hand picked 300 influentials.

PROCESS: We created Latrell Martell, a fictional recluse of the Martell family that throws lavish parties around Europe. The campaign kicked off on Latrell’s Facebook profile where he befriended celebrities who would boost the event and share a sneak peak of the event. Then we released a couple of PR articles announcing his arrival from Paris. We made a website for the event that only included a forum and instructions for a treasure hunt in which the winner went home with a $1,000 bottle of Martell’s Cognac. We organized a blind-tasting of various blends of cognac for the press and collaborated with Chopard watches and Cohiba cigars.