Production & Remixes

I have been producing since March 2013, and have multiple releases out on Baroque Records (UK) under the Nim moniker and various other labels under different monikers.

In May, 2014, “Superstition” was released on Baroque Records’ “Protocol” Compilation Series mixed by Beat Syndrome. “Superstition” was also included on White Label Recordings’ “House Music All Night Longer” Compilation, released in November, 2014.

On September 14, 2015 I released my EP “Saturn” for Baroque Records . The EP contains three tracks: Saturn, Flow and Monolith and is a blend of deep tech house, minimal and progressive. My track “Monolith” was included on Beatport’s “Busy September” chart.

I have performed live at the Hartera Music Festival, Nucomers Night 2, Teatar &TD and KSET.